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Algone Anchorage Interventional Pain Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility offering hope to men and women in Anchorage, Alaska, who struggle with chronic pain.

Patients attending Algone Anchorage Interventional Pain Clinic can expect compassionate care and personalized treatment that aims to resolve pain wherever possible using the most appropriate therapies and interventions. Our physicians specialize in treating conditions such as chronic back pain, herniated discs, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), and injuries sustained in auto accidents.

In addition to essential front-line treatments like physical therapy, our physicians offer advanced treatment methods such as spinal cord stimulation, dorsal root ganglion stimulation, radiofrequency ablation, targeted drug delivery therapy, minimally invasive lumbar decompression, Gasserian ganglion injection for facial pain, kyphoplasty, and epidural steroid injections.

The approach to treatment at Algone Anchorage Interventional Pain Clinic is to start by using the least invasive methods to bring about relief from chronic pain. Every patient is unique and there are many factors influencing their experience of chronic pain. Our physicians aim to understand and address all the causes of chronic pain in each patient and design a treatment program that offers genuine benefits for their health.

Find out more or schedule a consultation with our physicians by calling Algone Anchorage Interventional Pain Clinic today or booking an appointment online.

  • American Society of Pain & Neuroscience
  • American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
  • The University of Chicago
  • The American Board of Anesthesiology

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Algone Anchorage Interventional Pain Clinic

Monday - Thursday 8am - 4pm & Friday 8am - 12pm